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Football - Life Changing

Sunday 27th May 2012

     Football can do so much for so many people and here is just another example of the benefits the sport can bring to communities.  Air Football is an organisation, which uses football as a mechanism to help people change their lives, those particularly who have problems with drug and alcohol abuse and those in fear of re-committing crimes. They use sport, in particular football, as a platform to inspire and encourage people to make those changes and move away from negative social situations. They help individuals with their confidence, self-esteem, fitness and social skills. Air Football have had many success stories of men and women turning their lives around and contributing positively to their communities all with the help of Air Football. We spoke to Colm Whitty the head coach of Air Football about the project.

Author, Editor & Director: Chris Murray

Cameramen: Chris Murray and Hugo Wilcock

Interviewer: James Barrett

Media Manager: Juliet Motley


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 Follow Us on TWITTER.